Ajanta, at the bottom of the cave, Buddha

The Ajanta Caves in India are most often described in very laudatory terms. These caves dug by man would be decorated with remarkable paintings and sculptures. A real treasure going back more than 2000 years for the oldest and classified in the UNESCO World Heritage. All this is true, this cliff is indeed in many ways quite exceptional, but me in Ajanta, I did not see that that. In Ajanta, I saw Buddha , and believe me if you want, but since then, we are very good!

After a few hours bus ride from Aurangabad, here I am at the foot of the Ajanta cave cliff, a sort of horseshoe over the Waghore River. I follow the visit of the caves and there is no saying Swim In India had done well to recommend this site is tip-top.

And then at the end of the cliff, we enter a cave a little different . It’s narrower, it’s dark, it’s intriguing. It is not scary, because the voices of my fellow Indian tourists hopping phrasing are still present in sound, but it’s intriguing. A semblance of glow appears at the bottom of the cave, and as I approach, the spotlights come on and Buddha appears there, large, in front of me. Not knowing what to say and under the influence of emotion, I rewarded him with a “Buddha salute” . Obviously, it also surprised him a little, and taken aback, he replied “Hi my friend” !

When I wrote this on the Facebook page, a colleague told me “Laurent you worry me, you did not eat weird cake I hope?” . And you what do you think ? Hard to say, because everyone will agree, “in India everything is possible”