88% of Indian business travelers worry about safety amid Covid: survey


SAP Concur, a provider of expense, travel and invoice management solutions, conducted a study to provide insight into the trends shaping the new standard for business travel.

The SAP Concur Business Traveler 2020 survey suggested that travel will continue to play an irreplaceable role in meeting critical business needs. However, business travelers are more concerned about their health and safety than ever when they travel.

The survey found that 38 percent of Indian business travelers were very stressed during the trip, rather than before (30 percent) or after the trip (32 percent).

With the pandemic hitting the headlines, more than one in three people said their health and safety was their top priority while traveling for business. This is more than three times the number of respondents who consider the needs of the business (12%) as their top priority.

Concern for personal health and safety is even more pronounced in China (57%), Malaysia (55%) and Taiwan (53%).

The survey also noted that 88 percent of Indian business travelers feel concerned about the resumption of travel. They were mostly worried about contracting the virus (57%) or infecting their families (46%).

Hotel stay problems

Participants also expressed concerns about staying in hotels (59 percent), being on a plane (48 percent), and using public transportation (32 percent).

When business travel resumes, all Indian business travelers (100%) will consider having protocols in place to ensure a safe return. These include mandatory personal health checks for on-the-go employees (48 percent), real-time updates and alerts on potential travel risks (40 percent), and easier access to travel equipment. personal protection (37 percent).

Mankiran Chowhan, Managing Director – Indian Subcontinent, SAP Concur, said in an official statement: “Emerging health and safety expectations due to the current pandemic require the travel industry to adapt, innovate and transforms to inaugurate a “new normal”. ”

Chowhan added, “Companies need to define and maintain a balance between essential travel, government regulatory guidelines, as well as their employees’ travel appetite. Businesses also need to pay attention to employee needs and invest in measures that include effective training and smart new-age tools. “


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