A famous Indian restaurant in Montreal opens its first restaurant in Toronto


A Montreal Indian restaurant has just burst onto the Toronto scene with its first location here in the city.

Spice Bros. is an Indian restaurant chain with seven locations in Quebec and a menu that goes way beyond your average naan and curry.

They do tandoori fried chicken sandwiches, butter chicken poutine, something called “Bro Bowls” ($15), and breaded chicken skewers.

“Frankie Rolls” ($10) are naan wraps that can be filled with protein options like saag paneer, chickpea masala, fish, cauliflower, or chicken, then topped with various vegetable options and of sauces.

They also have items like mango lassi ($5) and curry cookies, and they have hot sauces to adjust your spice level.

SpiceBros will even be launching three new products for the opening in Toronto: Chilli Scorpion Wings, Punjabi Fried Chicken and Fish Fillet “Ocean” Burger.

SpiceBros opened in Toronto at 3353 Bloor St. W. near Bloor and Islington on January 19, and they’re planning a grand opening for January 29.

For the grand opening, the first 100 customers will get a free butter chicken poutine, and they plan to offer discounted Bro Bowls for $10 and $1 mango lassi.

They will also be giving away a $75 gift card for the top Instagram post of the day and a $100 gift card for the top TikTok post of the day, so if you’re an influencer type and love Indian food, you might want to think about checking it out.

If that new Toronto location is a bit far for you (even though it’s closer than Montreal), you can order delivery from them on all major apps. Additionally, SpiceBros plans to open five more locations in Ontario over the next 16 months, so a new location may soon appear closer to you.


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