A new £5million Aldi will be built on the site of an Indian restaurant in Manchester


Aldi bosses have said residents will benefit from having a cheaper supermarket on their doorstep in Moston, while an Indian restaurant will be bulldozed to make way for it.

A new Aldi supermarket in north Manchester has been given the green light.

The £5million discount food store is set to be built in Moston on the site of the Imperial Lounge Indian restaurant which is now due to be demolished.

Many residents living near the Victoria Avenue East site have welcomed the prospect of a new store opening, although some concerns have been raised.

Local councilors say a new Aldi will increase ‘consumer choice’ in the area.

Speaking on behalf of the retailer at a planning committee meeting Thursday, September 22, Aldi Property manager Adam Robson said the supermarket, which is due to open in 18 months, will benefit residents.

The new Aldi at Mostion in Manchester has now been approved for construction Credit: Aldi

He said: “It is unfortunately one of the most deprived areas of Manchester.

“Introducing an Aldi discount food store in a prime accessible location for the community will be of tremendous benefit to residents looking to access affordable fresh produce and healthy food.

“This is particularly relevant when household budgets are under pressure due to the cost of living crisis.”

‘Scourge on the region’

Mr Robson said the site had become a ‘scourge’ on the area and told councilors the new supermarket was a ‘vote of confidence’ for the local economy.

The opening of the supermarket is expected to create up to 50 new jobs in the store as well as construction jobs, for which local people will be the first to line up.

Charlestown Councilor Hannah Priest disagreed that the site had become a “scourge” in the area, but said there had been issues with anti-social behavior.

She shared concerns expressed by residents, including the impact of noise from construction and deliveries once the store is open as well as lighting.

But she said local councilors were confident those issues had been resolved.

Responding to ‘negative comments’ about a new Aldi opening near a Tesco, located down the road in Blackley, the Labor adviser told the committee people were eagerly waiting for more choice.

She said: ‘The Tesco in Blackley is not, for the majority of our residents, within comfortable walking distance of the proposed site, nor is there a regular and reliable bus service.

“Many of our residents currently travel to the supermarket by taxi, and much of the communication we have had has suggested that people – particularly in the six towers adjacent to the site – are looking to walk to the supermarket. ”

One dissenter spoke on behalf of the property management agent representing East Gate Flats residents at the meeting.

The chairman of the committee said that his questions would be answered.


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