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NEW DELHI: Swedish caller ID app Truecaller said on Tuesday it was optimistic about business prospects in India, its biggest market, and did not expect the next protection law data impact or pose challenges to its growth and business model here.

Alan Mamedi, CEO and co-founder of Truecaller, stressed that the company is and will continue to be fully compliant with Indian regulations, including data protection law as they are put in place.

Truecaller, he said, views the proposed data protection law “positively” and, in fact, proactively opted for localization in 2018.

When asked if the data protection law will impact the company’s growth trajectory in India, or cause problems given the strict confidentiality and consent clauses, Mamedi replied: “We We don’t think so. I think the biggest challenge for businesses will be how to localize, move all the servers and infrastructure to India. We did that in 2018.”

The primary driver of Truecaller’s localization movement was “experience”, as the proximity of machines to customers accelerated results.

“Another reason was that since we’re in the business of trust, it felt like an add-on to that…Having the data closer to you is also the stance we took as a company,” Mamedi, who is currently visiting India, told a news conference.

India is the biggest market for Truecaller. With over 220 million active users, the country accounts for up to 70% of Truecaller’s 300 million global active users.

India also accounts for a large portion of its workforce.

“We are a complete organization in India, from design to engineering, data science, quality assurance and marketing,” said Rishit Jhunjhunwala, Chief Product Officer and Managing Director of Truecaller India.


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