Designer Varija Bajaj Ventures Into A Label Focused On Indian Culture, Body Shape For Working Women


Sometimes the choice of what to wear to the office can depend on what makes a person most comfortable, and women have the hardest time deciding what’s appropriate for which. opportunity. The sight of women in resort attire at business conferences, house attire at meetings, and drop-shoulder shirts led designer Varija Bajaj to venture into a brand focused on Indian culture, Forms of body and skin tone which is aimed at working women.Also read – Indian women prefer men aged 30-40 for extra-marital affairs, data reveals; Bangalore the most unfaithful city

“It’s not who they (women) are. It is the choice imposed on them in the name of comfort, availability and lack of awareness, ”Varija told IANS as she lamented the absence of a segment of women’s workwear that“ didn’t ‘just does not exist in the Indian context’. Also Read – Indian Women Are Ready To Experiment And Invest Money In Expensive Makeup

Through research, she has deduced that the supply chain – from yarn to ideal textiles to the end customer – is completely oblivious to what should be ideal work clothes for Indian women. Also Read – Indian Women Are Big Puzzle Game Lovers, Survey Finds

“Indian body structure is very different from that of our Western counterparts. Through extensive research on Indian body types, we have realized that the average Indian body of a woman is 5ft 2in with narrow shoulders and pear-shaped in comparison to 5ft 6in from the shoulders. wider and an apple-shaped rectangle or western. women, ”Varija explained.

With her Office & You brand, launched on the occasion of International Women’s Day, the designer has applied figure-correcting techniques which conceal most flaws and give the illusion of a relatively perfect figure.

“Providing a fit for the given cultural environment has been a key factor in our design,” she said, adding that the size guide is tailored for Indian pear-shaped body types to fit the body. large in size and pear shaped.


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