Famous Indian Restaurant Talli Turmeric Debuts In Dubai With Signature Dishes


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United Arab Emirates: Renowned restaurant in Mumbai, Talli Turmeric made his debut in Dubai and is expanding its geographic presence with Kitopi, cloud cooking partner.

Inspired by a quintessential spice used in most cuisines, Talli Curcuma captures the essence of India’s culinary traditions. The menu is a carefully prepared mix of regional dishes that share influences and recipes from cuisines across India. The eclectic menu captures the soul of Indian cuisine, ranging from successful street food to charcoal grilled kebabs; from rich curries reminiscent of royal kitchens to classic dishes from secret family recipes; artisanal breads with authentic slowly baked Biryanis.

Iconic dishes include mouth-watering Gunpowder Potatoes from Andhra Pradesh, Mangalorean Ghee Roast, skewers and melting grills from Lucknow, Laal Maas from Rajasthan, the sweetness of Mishti Doi from Bengal, Elaneer Payasam from the South and a lot more. .

The restaurant is the brainchild of famous Dubai restaurateur Tapan Vaidya, as well as co-founder and partner Mansij Vaidya, who will oversee field operations.

Tapan Vaidya said, “The obvious choice for the next leg of the brand’s journey was Dubai, following our resounding success in Mumbai. Talli Curcuma is a celebration of turmeric in all of its aspects – color, taste, healing properties and the importance it has in Indian cuisine. We are all about authentic, fresh and healthy Indian food representing the real taste of India. Our chefs from different regions of India will add authenticity, craftsmanship and good flavors to all our culinary preparations. We want our customers to feel the comforts of home food and feel the joyful spirit of this concept and what we stand for.

“Bringing traditional dishes into a cloudy environment is no easy task. We believe it’s not just a concept, it’s culinary theater at its best. says Mansij Vaidya. “The Talli Curcuma menu will use fresh produce, remaining faithful to its founding principles. The brand will also adopt several sustainable practices ensuring that attractive packaging solutions are biodegradable / compostable and environmentally friendly.

Talli Turmeric will be led by chef duo Fareed Qureshi, from this famous Lucknow family renowned for their culinary skills, especially delicious Dum-Pukht and other classic gems, and South Indian maestro chef Arasa Kumar whose past experience includes the Taj Group of hotels in Chennai, Hyderabad and Sri Lanka.


About Talli Curcuma®:

Turmeric is the base note of Talli Turmeric, celebrating the properties of the wonderful golden-colored spice with a distinct taste, as renowned for its vibrant color as it is for its healing properties. Turmeric is an instant representation of Indian cuisine and its rich cuisine, recalling memories of personal experiences as well as a unified collective cultural experience. It conjures up a plethora of culinary memories, drawn from kitchens across the country.

In Hindi, ‘Talli’ means drunkenness, and here the element TALLI refers to the surprise factor, unusual and unpredictable flavors and tastes, so familiar but so surprising. It instantly puts a smile on your face and warns you that an intoxicating adventure awaits you, even a gastronomic one!

For more information, please visit us at www.talliturmeric.com

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