Gandhiji and Indian Affairs


Gandhiji has been accused by some of being a “mascot” of the bourgeoisie, acting in their “name” if not at their “order”; to awaken the masses and then to control them so that they do not transgress bourgeois interests. The once popular subaltern school went further and excluded it completely from the realm of the “people”, sending it back to the “elite”, “official” realm. He is a man who even Lenin recognized as a “revolutionary” because he led masses of the Indian people to political action against imperialism. A man who, more than anyone in this country, turned the face of the Indian people to the poor and socially oppressed. He was the prominent leader of the multi-class popular movement against British colonialism, crossing barriers of class, caste, gender, language or religion. Social and religious reformers, poets, writers, musicians, philosophers, traders, industrialists, political thinkers, statesmen and above all ordinary workers and peasants all joined hands under his leadership. to create a mass movement unprecedented in the history of the world. Yet he ensured that the “class adjustment” which necessarily had to occur in a multi-class movement, for there could not be all-out war between every constituent of the movement, was happening more and more in favor of the poor. and the oppressed.

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