Halls Gap’s Indian Restaurant Spirit of Punjab Uses Robot Servers to Relieve Pressure on Staff | Ararat announcer


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HALLS Gap’s Spirit of Punjab restaurant has hired two new employees – but they’re quite different from the ones they had before. Meet Caddy, and soon his friend Bella will start. These are two robot waiters that restaurant owner Gary Singh set up at his business to help waiters do their jobs. Mr Singh said the company that built the robots visited the area and showed him how it could change the way they do business. “We try to use a lot of technology and robots only increase that,” he said. “The company wanted to test the product in a regional setting, so we jumped on board.” Mr Singh said 11 employees are employed at his restaurant and that number is expected to increase as demand peaks during the looming school vacation period. “We need more staff and previously we have used staff that we have shared with other restaurants and businesses in Melbourne,” he said. “But now, because Melbourne restaurants are unstaffed, we can’t get the extra staff that we would normally have when the city gets quiet and people go on vacation.” So now to cover that up and to reduce the workload of the staff I have, we decided to implement the robots. “It eliminates the need to try to get a waiter’s attention or raise a hand,” he said. “If they want something they can press a button. It will be more efficient and when we are really busy it means customers can be served whenever they want.” From the kitchen, orders can also be sent. to the customer via the robot, so no need to wait for someone to be free. “Mr. Singh said the response from customers has been welcoming.” The kids love it, “he said. customers love it. The first thing everyone says is to be able to make a video. “Of course there will be people who don’t like it and that’s okay – we have the staff to take care of them.” People want easy jobs and people aren’t looking so hard anymore. to get into the hotel business because it doesn’t bring in a lot of money and the work is hard. “The robots will make the work of the staff easier and happier.” OTHER NEWS: Mr Singh said robots will not replace staff, even more, just in place to help existing staff. “, he said.” But there are now many factors such as the housing shortage, the rising cost of living – prices have gone up everywhere. “But we’ll do our best. We’re looking forward to Christmas and the holiday season. We’re almost full almost every night from December 15th. It’s really good, it’s getting busy again.”


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