How to get into a top Indian business school for undergraduate management training

Among the many programs that an undergraduate student can opt for these days are BBA, B.Com, and B.Sc. Finance These are considered the top three choices that fit the bill for those eager to pursue further studies. management studies in the future. These programs combine domain knowledge with new technologies, provide flexibility of flow, offer multiple specializations, allow a holistic approach to learning, teach entrepreneurial skills and lay a solid foundation for the MBA. If you are a student who wants to enroll in an undergraduate program, you should consider any of these three choices and aim high for a bright future. But first, choose the right institute for your undergraduate degree. The large number of options available, combined with aggressive promotions, creates considerable confusion as to which university to enroll in once you have decided on an undergraduate business and management program. Well, we recommend that you go with the best.


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NMIMS Anil Surendra Modi Business School is one of the best business schools in the country, and studying at this institute will increase your career prospects. It was ranked 2nd best BBA institute in India by India Today MDRA survey, 2020. Their BBA program is designed to provide the industry with young managers for entry level positions for their first experience in a management role. ‘business.

Here is a checklist of the parameters you should use to compare the colleges of your choice, and you will see that the NMIMS School of Commerce will check most of them.

Faculty member diplomas: A team of highly qualified and experienced teachers will take an institute to a different height. Take a close look at faculty members, qualifications, experience from respective institutes website, social media and alumni. To provide professional education and training for all students in all aspects of the management discipline, NMIMS hires faculty from the industry itself. Its strong teaching staff prepares students for excellence in business administration and industry. They strive to continually improve instruction, delivery methodology and course content to meet the needs and expectations of the corporate world.

In picture: Prof. Sangita Kher – I / C Dean at NMIMS

Check the infrastructure: Not only the faculty members, but you also need to look at the infrastructure of an institute. No management training is complete without sufficient knowledge of data management and analysis. In an ideal institute, courses should be highly interactive and allow students to use essential resources such as software, the Internet, library books, journals, etc. The NMIMS School of Commerce provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and all the facilities for students to support and propel their professional career, whether managerial, administrative or entrepreneurial.

Review the program: Management education is not just about attending classes and taking notes. Programs will include case studies, internship opportunities, soft skills development sessions, event planning and much more. The diverse course program at NMIMS is designed to provide the industry with young managers for entry-level positions for their first experience in a corporate role. They partner with boards, academic executive training bodies and legal entities regarding coursework, curriculum development and advancement, and course content upgrading to ensure students are employable and fully equipped. knowledge and skills.


Learn more about locations: View college stats each year and look at metrics like percentage placed, median salary offered, positions available, and more. NMIMS attracts the best companies to their campus for recruiting, and you would like to be enrolled in such a college with an active placement cell. They also collaborate with institutes and / or organizations in India and abroad with similar goals and functions to facilitate exchange programs.

The selection process: When a college has a tight selection process, you can be sure to learn from very ambitious and intelligent peers. The NMIMS has implemented an expert-designed entrance exam – the NMIMS NPAT – ensuring that learners of high academic caliber pass and form a competitive batch. Learning with such peers will encourage all students to challenge themselves and focus on the best.

Now that you know that the NMIMS School of Commerce ranks very well when it comes to UG business courses, let’s take a look at the coveted degrees they offer to management aspirants:

BBA program

Due to the nature of a BBA degree, most NMIMS students head straight to marketing and strategic roles after passing out. The comprehensive program helps them be exposed to market trends and strategic decision making. The program, as currently envisioned, provides students with a choice of specializing in marketing and / or finance roles during the 3rd year of their program and helps them gain a more substantial understanding of business, c that is, the ability to make good decisions that will benefit the company. success rate. Through a hands-on approach to the program, guided by faculty from the industry itself, students are prepared for the real world of business. Innovative teaching methods consisting of case study discussions, presentations, class debates and role plays are used to make the classroom experience refreshing. These skills greatly help learners stand out in the eyes of potential employers, giving them a greater opportunity to pursue a successful career.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is spread over 6 semesters, with 6 subjects taught each semester, for a total of 36 subjects. The program lasts three years and welcomes 600 students. Learners can specialize in Marketing and Finance and prepare to become versatile professionals once hired.

Click here to learn more about BBA at NMIMS.

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B.Com. (Hons.) Program

In India, B.Com is one of the few courses that offers excellent employment opportunities in different sectors, as commerce and commerce are among the major players in our economy. Depending on the field chosen by an aspirant, they will pursue a career path in the public or private sector. After earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree, an individual can pursue graduate studies as either M-Com (Masters of Commerce) or MBA (Masters in Business Administration), both of which are postgraduate programs with a focus on commerce, accounting. , economics and management. Not only that, a B.Com. Also prepares students for career opportunities such as CA (Chartered Accountant), CS (Corporate Secretary), and ICWA (Cost and Labor Accountant) as an advanced career option in this field.

At NMIMS, students acquire specialized skills in finance, accounting and taxation with a view to building their careers in financial services. The main objective is that they function as leading executives in the financial services industry in different fields of activity. This 3-year full-time program is spread over 6 semesters and 36 subjects in total. The program aims to nurture budding talents, create a learning environment, and encourage learners to develop quality leadership.

Click here to learn more about B.Com. at NMIMS.

B. Sc. Funding program

India has a diverse and expanding financial sector, both in terms of strong growth of existing financial services companies and new entities entering the market. The sector includes commercial banks, insurance companies, non-bank financial corporations, cooperatives, pension funds, mutual funds and other smaller financial entities. B.Sc. Finance at NMIMS aims to provide students with specialist knowledge in the field of finance. It enables an advanced understanding of international financial markets, investment analysis, financial risk management, corporate finance, portfolio management and other aspects of the financial field. Evaluated with the best programs in the world, it allows students to become Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA). It covers most of the level I and part of the level II of the CFA program. Students can also take MBA, CA, and other professional courses after earning their undergraduate degree in finance. Obtaining a B. Sc. In Finance opens up prospects in several sectors, such as banking, finance, insurance, credit rating, etc. New age career options like investment analyst and portfolio management are also available. This is why this 3-year program can serve as a “springboard” for future CFOs. With 180 places for each lot, NMIMS B.Sc. Finance puts learners on professional platforms to earn an excellent average salary of 4.53 lakes per year and go up to 6.00 lakes per year.

Click here to learn more about the B.Sc. Finance at NMIMS.

With campuses in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Navi Mumbai, Indore, Chandigarh, Dhule and Hyderabad and a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of South Florida, USA, to pursue a 4th year bachelor’s degree in general studies, the NMIMS School of Commerce serves as a gateway to explore the world of work. If you want to be a recruiter’s darling because of your open-mindedness, your passion and your inventiveness,
you need to register for BBA at NMIMS now!

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of the NMIMS School of Commerce by the Times Internet Spotlight Team.

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