Huge beer garden with bar and barbecue opens behind Indian restaurant


The owner of one of Stoke-on-Trent’s most popular restaurants has opened another restaurant – and he’s already attracted a government minister.

Kishore Jammula has built a very good reputation in Pottery with his Mirchi restaurant in Shelton.

While in lockdown, in June of last year, he decided to expand and took over Oh! India in Hanford. And in July of this year, he opened Back Yard, an elegant beer garden behind the Mayne Street venue, with a bar and barbecue area.

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Opening night guests included Home Secretary Priti Patel and Stoke-on-Trent South MP Jack Brereton.

Today, Kishore and her team of 14 have wowed diners ever since with their impressive array of mouthwatering dishes.

Kishore, 40, said: “Oh! India has a menu similar to Mirchi, but Mirchi focuses on South Indian cuisine and Oh! India specializes more in North Indian cuisine. ‘India.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel pictured with Kishore Jammula at the opening night of Oh! India’s backyard

The restaurant has a capacity of 140 and Back Yard can seat 72.

Kishore said: “We did a makeover on the interior. We changed everything and it has a lavish new interior.

Oh!  India, Hanford
Oh! India in Hanford launched ‘Back Yard’, a barbecue and beer garden.

“In addition to food, we sell coffees, ice creams and cocktails.

“We also have a reception hall.

“Outside we have a bar with a barbecue room and 72 seats. When the weather is nice, it is usually very crowded.

Kishore Jammula, owner of Oh!  India and Backyard, Hanford
Owner Kishore Jammula in his barbecue room and bar in Back Yard, Hanford

“We had a superb response to Back Yard from customers. Last Tuesday we had no one in the restaurant, even Wednesday, because everyone was out having fun.”

The Back Yard BBQ menu includes the Grill Sampler at £ 12.95 and the Backyard Special Grill at £ 21.95 which includes Highway Chicken Tikka, Punjabi Chicken Wings, Lamb Kebab, Vegetable Mix pakora, Achari lamb chops and fish koliwada.

There is also a range of small plates and sides.

Back Yard customers can also order from the restaurant menu.

Kishore added, “A lot of my clients from Mirchi come over and they love it.

The Back Yard beer garden has a capacity of 72.
Guests attending the Back Yard opening night included Home Secretary Priti Patel and MP Jack Brereton.

“We have draft beer including Cobra and Carling in the outdoor bar and guests can watch the chefs cook in a live kitchen.

“Next year we will be extending our hours of operation and opening at noon.”

Chef Avinash Kumar who has worked in the area for 15 years, including at the Ramada Hotel, Clayton and bet365.

The 45-year-old said: “It went very well. We have a very good team. We appreciate the variety of cooking big meals and grilling.”

Customers were impressed with the food served by Chef Avinash Kumar and his team
Chef Avinash Kumar

Customer Julian Lewis, 52, from Newcastle, said: “The food is excellent. It is of quality. The barbecue is excellent.

“There is a good atmosphere. The service is excellent and the staff are very friendly. It’s a great concept. Back Yard is a great place for summer gatherings and it has been very popular during the summer months. “

Oh! India and Back Yard are open from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Tuesday to Sunday, and closed on Monday.


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