Indian culture is the forerunner of eternal knowledge, Culture: Guv


Governor Mangubhai Patel said Indian culture is the promoter of eternal knowledge and culture all over the world. The rich tradition of sacrifice and penance of the wise and the munis for the welfare of humanity and their knowledge is the priceless heritage of our culture.

He said Maharishi Gautam’s philosophy of justice says that justice is the only way to reach a decision based on evidence. The philosophy of justice is perhaps the oldest proof of our thought, the pride of scientific thought.

Patel was addressing Maharishi Gautam Jayanti Celebrations 2022. The Governor unveiled the special cover and deformation seal issued to commemorate the memory of Maharishi Gautam Jayanti Celebrations organized by the Chief Post Master General, Madhya Pradesh Circle.

The Governor said that the continuity of work is necessary to give values ​​of self-respect, sacrifice to young people and future generations and inspire them to follow him for the awakening of national pride.

The nation’s future will only be equally bright when it clings at all times to the glory of its past experiences and heritage. He said Prime Minister Modi ji is striving to acquaint the upcoming young generation with our glorious cultural heritage and build a generation that is strong and capable of facing the challenges of the future.

Azadi’s Amrit Mahotsav is an attempt to acquaint future and younger generation with the past glory of Indian culture. He expressed the need for efforts on the part of society to inculcate the life values ​​and traditions of Indian culture in the conduct of future generations. He said that acquiring knowledge is not enough, it must also be applied in life. The significance of programs to commemorate great men is only when the path they showed is followed in life.

The Head of Post, Master General BP Sarangi, informed that in order to preserve the memory of the ceremony, a special cover and deformation stamp on Maharishi Gautam has been issued by the department. He said that in this sequence, 6 special covers were released on the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, 4 on the geographic index label, one on Late Lata Mangeshkar and a special cover on Birju Maharaj were also released.

S Shivaram, Director of Postal Department offered the vote of thanks. It was led by Abhishek Choubey. General Secretary Gurjar Gaur Brahman Mahasabha Lakhan Sharma highlighted the outlines of Maharishi’s life and contribution.

The program started with the lighting of the lamp. The Governor was honored by offering a shawl, a scarf and a turban.


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