Indian Culture Still Respects Teachers – Vice President


M Venkaiah Naidu: Indian culture has always given respect and reverence to gurus


Emphasizing the importance of the fundamental role that teachers play in shaping the lives of children and young people, Vice President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu said on Wednesday that Indian culture always respects and reverence gurus. The vice president presented an award established in memory of his teacher, Poluri Hanumajjanakirama Sarma, to Kovela Suprasannacharya here for his contributions in the field of poetry and literature, according to an official statement.

Naidu praised the laureate for introducing a new trend in Telugu literary criticism and for incorporating the perspectives of Indian thinkers, who fought against discrimination in certain sections of society. Naidu said everyone should always remember and remain grateful to their teachers and gurus for their guidance and mentorship in shaping their careers.

The award, instituted on the personal initiative of the Vice-President by the Telangana Saraswatha Parishath, aims to recognize contributions to the Telugu language.

Hailing the parish for its efforts in the preservation and propagation of the Telugu language, Naidu reiterated that the language of instruction should be the mother tongue until primary or secondary school. Likewise, the local language should be widely used in the administration and the judiciary.

The Vice President has also published two books titled “Amritotsava Bharathi” and “Sri Devulapalli Ramanujarao”.

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