Indian Curry Pot: A couple open a new Indian restaurant in Renfrew


RENFREW – Monday to Friday, Kiranraj Kamath is responsible for delivering IT services. But once he goes offline on Friday afternoon, the apron continues.

“We had friends everywhere and they were all pushing, saying, ‘Why don’t you start a food truck? said his wife Nima.

This is exactly what Kamath did by opening the Indian Curry Pot restaurant.

“I’ve been cooking for 20 years,” Kamath told CTV News. “Opening an Indian restaurant has always been on my mind. Even if it’s a take-out restaurant, let’s start small.”

Indian Curry Pot is open from Friday night to Sunday on Burnstown Road in Renfrew, where the Kamaths have taken over an industrial kitchen from a former local restaurant.

They’ve only been open three weekends, but they’re so popular and busy that they haven’t even had time to remove the previous sign.

“We both didn’t expect more than three or four orders,” Nima told CTV News. “Thursday night we had about 60-62 orders, and Saturday we were all sold out. We were out of ingredients to cook for Sunday.”

Renfrew resident Shawna Walker ordered from Indian Curry Pot every weekend it was open.

“I haven’t been able to get it since I’ve been living in the Renfrew area,” which Walker says is almost a decade ago. “There’s not as much diversity here in food choices.”

“We were totally blown away by the response we got,” Nima says. “And we are very grateful to the Renfrew community for that,” added Kamath.

For now, the family is starting slowly. But Kamath hopes one day to permanently disconnect from his Monday-Friday job.

“If people like my food and if they start to like it and if the community likes it, maybe later I can even convert it to full time.”


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