Indian hotel employee in Dubai hits jackpot and wins Rs 55 Crore in lottery: report


Sajesh NS was named the Grand Prize Winner for Series 245. (Representative Photo)

An employee of an Indian hotel in Dubai has hit the jackpot by winning 25 million dirhams (around Rs 55 Crore) in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket raffle.

Sajesh NS, 47, who works as a purchasing manager at Ikkayees restaurant in Dubai’s Karama district, was named the winner of the Series 245 grand prize, according to Gulf News. He bought his winning ticket online with a group of 20 of his colleagues, who will now all share the prize equally.

Speaking to the outlet, Mr Sajesh, who moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Oman two years ago, revealed how he would spend his winnings. He expressed his desire to give back and said: “There are over 150 employees in the hotel where I work, and I would like to help as many of them as possible by sharing some of my earnings with them. “.

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Mr Sajesh said he would sit down with his colleagues to discuss what they could do with their money. However, he also added that each individual will have the right to choose what they want to do with their money.

Additionally, the 47-year-old said that even though he is now a millionaire, he still intends to keep buying tickets every month. “My experience has taught me never to give up on our dreams. We will continue to buy tickets and try our luck,” Sajesh said. Khaleej times.

Now, the next live draw will take place in December, with one lucky winner receiving 30 million dirhams for the first time.

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Meanwhile, last month, a a man in china has won 30 million dollars (Rs 248 crore) lottery. He bought 40 lottery tickets for 80 yuan ($11) with each ticket containing the same seven numbers. All seven numbers matched and the man won the grand prize. He received the award on October 24 and even donated 5 million yuan ($684,992) to charity.

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