Indian Restaurant Chef Reveals Two Curry House Secrets That Help Prepare Meals Quickly


Have you ever wondered how a curry house is able to cook your take out order so quickly? Well now an Indian restaurant has shared their secret.

In addition to waiting for a taste sensation, takeout customers want fast and efficient delivery regardless of the size of their order.

Malik, who runs Indian restaurant Malik’s in Berkshire, revealed how his restaurant manages to meet those expectations and keep customers happy.

Interviewed by presenter Alexis Conran on Channel 5 documentary Secrets of the Fast Food Giants, Malik said: “All the dishes that will be served in the evening will already be prepared at lunchtime.

“All the spices and herbs and all the cooking is done. In the evening, we prepare and serve it.

The owner of Malik’s curry house in Berkshire shared his secret on how Indian restaurants get orders to customers so quickly

Malik then explained the steps in preparing the tasty dishes for customers, using chicken rogan as an example among many traditional dishes including madras, bhuna and dhansak.

“All of these traditional dishes are cooked from a single basic chicken,” he said.

This means that only one basic sauce is used to cook all the dishes, which means that only a few different little extra ingredients need to be added to create unique meals.

Malik's curry house
For curry houses like this, Malik explained that prep is key to getting orders produced quickly.

Malik explained, “Because it’s a take-out, everything has to be quick, quick, quick.

“When the order arrives, it’s all done.”

So, this early preparation means that curry houses are able to offer customers their favorite Indian dish so quickly, while still retaining the dishes’ unique spices and flavors.

Malik was also on hand to give advice on how to try and replicate standard restaurant meals in your own home.

A table full of curry dishes
Despite preparing food earlier in the day, chefs retain the unique flavors of dishes by adding small amounts of spices to meals after they order.

He said, “Every Asian grocery store you go to you will find ingredients, and the best advice is to get the best ingredients, fresh if you can.

“Have enough time to prepare and take enough time to marinate and enough time to cook slowly. The more you cook, the better you will become.

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