Indian restaurant closed by Toronto health inspectors for 6 violations


An Indian restaurant has just been closed by health inspectors in Toronto, racking up six violations.

Copper Chimney at Avenue and Lawrence has temporarily closed due to the results of a July 12 inspection.

One of the offenses was critical and two were significant.

Screenshot of Copper Chimney’s DineSafe Violations.

The crucial infraction was for some vague reason that the dietary premise was maintained in a manner detrimental to sanitary functioning. The action is a summons and a health hazard order, with a pending result.

The two significant infractions were failing to provide the handwashing station with an adequate supply of hot and cold water and failing to protect against harboring pests.

The other three infractions were minor: not cleaning floors in the food handling room, failing to ensure the surface of the equipment was sanitized, and for not keeping the food handling room free of unused equipment. regularly.

For all significant and minor infractions, the action was a formal notice.

The restaurant received a conditional pass for an inspection in the past on April 12. Copper Chimney will be able to reopen once they have resolved their issues and are re-inspected.


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