Indian Restaurant Derby Wins Country’s Best Crown


A curry house won the South Indian Restaurant of the Year crown in Derby.

The coveted award went to Nalaas, a contemporary-style restaurant on Monk Street, at the 10th English Curry Awards.

The annual celebration recognizes Asian talents and the achievements of those in the industry.

Nalaas has been serving customers since 2013, specializing in distinct South Indian cuisine based on dosa and coconut curries.

Owner Thambidurai Krishnan missed the prestigious black tie awards ceremony in Birmingham because his father was sick and he is traveling to India.

He said: “This is our first prize. I had no idea we won. It has been a difficult year but we continue to race.

Nalaas in Derby

“We cook at home and we love to cook. We are a family run restaurant.”

Nalaas was the only restaurant in Derbyshire to participate in the final of the annual event honoring Indian restaurants across the country in categories such as best take-out, top notch, fine dining and street food.

He beat fierce competition from six rivals in the South Indian category based in Leicester, Leeds, Birmingham and Sheffield.

The UK has far fewer South Indian restaurants, which have their own specialties.

One is the dosa, a crispy rice flour pancake, with savory toppings of cheese or masala potatoes.

Over a dozen different options are served at Nalaas, including chili and cilantro, onion, and paneer, which are served with sambar and chutney.

Another southern favorite is uthappam, a thicker dosa, and vada, a kind of fried donut, spiced with ginger, onion, and green chili, crisp on the outside and chewy in the center.

Derby food writer Ria Amber Tesia described Nalaas as a “little place with a big heart”.

She said: “Nalaas’ food is home cooking at its best. The restaurant continues to evolve and attract new diners with its down to earth customer service and dishes such as its now legendary dosa.

“Nalaas offers comfort food that not only soothes the soul, but also invigorates your step. Gobi Manchurian, garlic shrimp curry, fish masala, chicken kadai, chicken bhuna and, of course. Masala dosa are all personal highlights on the menu. “

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