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Although it has been open for months, Indian restaurant Karakana has only been launched “officially” with a press release billing itself as “Brixton’s most exciting new concept”.

Occupying the ground floor premises of Market House Bar / Club on Coldharbour Lane, the ‘Indian Dinner & Bar’ is offered at the highest market price, with main courses costing up to £ 15.

A pint of Brixton Brewery’s Atlantic IPA costs £ 7 (cheapest beer is £ 6.50), while cocktails are more reasonably priced around £ 9.

We were never invited to try the food, but a first review on the Brixton forum left a lot to be desired, although Eat In Brixton posted a more positive review last month.

Here’s what their new press release says:

Brixton’s most exciting new concept, Karakana, officially launched this month, featuring a new take on comfort food Indian cuisine.

The restaurant, which was designed as an Indian diner bar, brings something new to popular cuisine, infusing flavors from the heritage of the creators and their travels around the world.

Karakana (Hindi for “workshop”) represents the collaboration between the team as well as the hard work and creative process that went into the new place. The project was conceived by friends and collaborators of the local restaurant, Pat and Elly Foster and MasterChef champion Tim Anderson, who together launched Tim’s Japanese offering, Nanban, in 2015.

Having been in Brixton since he restored the iconic Ritzy Cinema in 1978, Pat had long wanted a decent curry house in the area and persuaded Tim and his former chef in Nanban, Rivaaj Maharaj, to use their flair. for innovative cuisine to create an exciting new menu.

Brixton Brewery co-founders Jez Galaun and Mike Ross, who brewed a spicy wheat beer especially for the restaurant, join this team of taste makers; and chef Khilesh Anand, formerly of fine dining establishments such as The Cinnamon Club, to bring the menu to life.

The menu consists of small tapas-style plates to mix and match, ranging from lotus flower onion bhajis to cheese and potato samosas and fried chicken wings, plus delicious hearty curries from Eggplant Karahi Parmigiana, Cauliflower Karahi and Madrasi Machli – turning the salmon into an Indian Delicacy with spices from the coastal coasts of the south of the county.

Diners can also browse innovative tandoori dishes with an Indian twist on lamb chops, pork chops and miso salmon. For those who are really hungry, there is also a signature Currywurst dish – a Berlin favorite and typical of Karakana style – served with a sweet vindaloo sauce, fries and pickled cauliflower.

Selected drinks and house cocktails consist of the signature drink The Karakana – a delicious concoction of vodka, amaretto, lassi, mango and pistachios; alongside favorites Pino Co-Lassi, Apricot Rose, and Tamarind Whiskey Sour. Beers are provided by Brixton Brewery alongside Moretti and Tiger, along with white, red, rosé and sparkling wine options.

Tim said of the restaurant: “Working on the Karakana menu alongside chefs Rivaaj and Khilesh has been a wonderful learning experience for me.

I have always loved Indian cuisine, but never had the opportunity to get directly involved in it. Khilesh’s cooking style is influenced by traditional methods and fine cuisine, while Rivaaj’s influences are more holistic and informal, and it was amazing how different approaches came together in a cohesive menu.

The food at Karakana is full of personality and character, but most of all, it’s fun and full of flavor – and it’s great with a few cocktails or craft beers.

Karakana is located on the corner of Coldharbour Lane and Electric Lane, in the heart of Brixton. The restaurant takes care of reservations and tours, as well as take-out and delivery services.

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Karaka is at 443 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW9 8LN.

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