Indian restaurant Kingsway Lounge in Latchford will open soon


An Indian restaurant in Latchford opens next week and offers a fine dining twist.

With the experience of owning Anika’s in Padgate for two years and working at the Spice Lounge in Culcheth as part of 15 years of experience, Jay Hussain is no newcomer to the industry.

He wants to use his experience to provide the Latchford community with a new Indian restaurant with a gourmet touch in Kingsway South, next to Subway and it opens on Wednesday May 4th.

“I worked for friends and family, and took all of their ideas and incorporated them into my own,” Jay said.

“We thought we were coming to Latchford where we could give people a good experience for the community – that’s why we named it Kingsway Lounge with the location.

“We want to accommodate the community as we have higher level customer service and it is a modern contemporary restaurant which is not the usual Indian restaurant.

“Inside is like the modern 21st century restaurant in an industrial unit.”

The Kingsway Lounge Bar

Jay – who recommends seafood and sizzling dishes – wanted to move from a take-out to running a restaurant to providing full service.

The 37-year-old continued: “Some of the customers I know have asked me ‘why don’t you do an Indian restaurant because you have the skills’ so I thought ‘why not’?

“When we left the community, we were saddened in the sense that we were leaving because we wanted to venture into a greater opportunity.

“There are definitely things you can’t do in a takeout that you can do in a restaurant.

“The restaurant is more of a display, so I think that’s where we’re going to get a lot of people.”

Some seating arrangements

Some seating arrangements


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