Indian restaurant owner’s incredible return to restaurant who left ‘terrible’ 1-star review


A restaurant owner has hit back at a restaurant he says may have an ‘ulterior motive’ after leaving a terrible review on TripAdvisor – with claims that dirty spoons were left out and served ‘crispy chicken’ .

Streetly Balti in Sutton Coldfield is the highest rated restaurant in town on TripAdvisor and consistently receives rave reviews from diners.

It even received the Travellers’ Choice 2021 award.

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But a recent reviewer left a terrible review that the owner of Streetly Balti decided to respond to – and they didn’t hold back.

Streetly Balti has a five-star rating on the popular travel website, with 457 independent reviews – over 400 of which are excellent.

Recent reviews called it “truly authentic Indian” and said they were “never disappointed”.

However, a reviewer named Leisha, who visited in January, left a one-star rating, to which the owner responded sarcastically – thanking her for taking time out of her “busy schedule” to write a review. despite the fact that she felt bad about complaining.

She claimed there were dirty spoons left by a hot plate and some of the young servers were inexperienced.

And that he was served chicken tikka which was “gristly and not cooked properly”.

Its TripAdvisor review, titled ‘terrible place to go’, said: ‘Very small place, as I walked in there was a young man heating something on a hot plate with dirty spoons on the side.

“Once seated the young waiters were polite but inexperienced, the older man came to take our order and seemed to be knowledgeable about his menu.

“But I ordered a main chicken tikka and when I received my meal presentation looked good but after trying the chicken it looked very crispy and not cooked properly like it was cheap meat .

“I’m not one to complain because I feel bad in the current climate.”

Inside the Streetly Balti

And the owner of Streetly Balti replied, “Hi Leisha, thank you so much for leaving a review. Considering you feel bad about complaining, it’s nice to see you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule. to write a review for us.

“Your first review actually, it seems. You must have felt really bad writing it.

“Let me help you out a bit and clarify a few things for you, because I know you wouldn’t want to misrepresent the restaurant in any way.

“First, the point of the dirty spoons. Since we opened 28 years ago, we have always bought all the Balti from the kitchen and warmed them during our long trolling before serving them at the table .

“If you had looked a little longer you would have noticed not one but two metal plates, one with fresh new spoons and one with spoons used to stir the Balti while heating. We always use a new spoon for reheating each individual curry and then once we collect a few used ones we then send them to the bar to be washed and ready to be used again.

“Second, you did indeed order a Main Chicken Tikka, I actually dressed your plate myself, so thank you for complimenting my presentation skills.

“Chicken Tikka is cooked with only breast meat, our chicken breasts contain no fat.

“So how did you find it ‘gristly’ is beyond belief. Especially when I saw your plates returned EMPTY to the kitchen after you were done.

“Yes, I look at all the plates when they return to the kitchen, it gives me a sense of satisfaction to see empty, clean plates come back, and on occasion they are not empty, it gives me a reason to go engage the customer to find out why and if we did something wrong and if we can fix it.

“So my conclusion based on your partial view of the spoons being used only, about you and your husband eating your entire meal without complaining at the restaurant, and creating a new account to write this one and only review, is that you may have some sort of ulterior motive!!

“Good luck with that!

“We will continue to serve the best curries, the best Tikka and provide the best possible service to the rest of our grateful customers.”

Malai Tikka at Streetly Balti
Malai Tikka at Streetly Balti

The restaurant has received great reviews in the past – with one restaurant saying it “couldn’t recommend enough” just three days ago.

Adam said: “The host was fantastic. He really knows his stuff.

“I wouldn’t eat anywhere else for a true Indian in Birmingham. As someone who eats out regularly, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

“Fantastic service and food.”

Another diner in January added: “Second time here, drove all the way from Dudley to get my curry fix with my partner who introduced me to this place.

“The curry is amazing, the staff are really welcoming and friendly. Highly recommend.”

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