Indian restaurant Spice Lounge wins one-star hygiene rating


A Warfield restaurant has hit back after receiving a one-star rating in a food standards inspection.

On January 4, Indian restaurant ‘Spice Lounge’ received a one-star rating for food hygiene, despite being told that food handling and food safety management were ‘generally satisfactory’ .

The restaurant, which has a long history of five-star ratings and advanced fire safety procedures, was dismayed to find it never had a choice to appeal.

Promotions and Communications Officer Jay explained: ‘When the inspector came in there was no dialogue and there was definitely a breakdown in communications.

“There have been a lot of flooding issues and staffing issues regarding Covid and because of that we have had renovations going on but there has never been any contamination that would suggest a one star rating .”

Following the inspection, the Spice Lounge contacted Environmental Health Services to review the report as an external third party objective.

They said: ‘The third party told us we should never have been given a star and should have been given the opportunity to appeal.

“We have recently contacted advisers and inspectors and are undergoing a further investigation and audit in the week of April 4.

“Among the inspection there were items that needed improvement which we attended to and gave all our staff renewed training in food hygiene.”


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