New Chaska Indian Restaurant opens in former Pete’s Subs location in downtown Peterborough

The food is prepared in a new downtown Indian restaurant called Chaska. The restaurant’s website states that it intends to be a place for authentic Indian street food.
  • Chaska, a new Indian street food restaurant, has opened in downtown Peterborough.  It takes the place of Pete's Subs, which operated there for over 30 years.

A new place to buy Indian street food has popped up in downtown Peterborough, bursting with color at the location of the old Pete’s Subs.

Open in October, the restaurant offers “the authentic experience of street food,” according to the chain’s website.

The local franchise owner declined to comment for this story, but allowed photos of their fresh Indian dishes to be taken as they are being prepared.

This new restaurant takes over from Pete’s, which had been operating at the corner of Brock and George streets for over 30 years.

Neighbor and business owner Heather La Plante said Pete’s owner had worked hard over the decades and was still helpful.

“It’s been great, we take care of each other,” she said in a Peterborough This Week article on the shutdown.

While some storefronts have closed during the COVID-19 pandemic downtown, new businesses have opened to fill them.

New building owner Hot Belly Mama’s and The Olde Stone said new tenants are taking over and expecting exciting news for these places.

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