New upscale Indian restaurant to take over former Dosa space on Fillmore


Another upscale Indian restaurant will pick up where Dosa left off in the former banking space he inhabited for more than a decade on Lower Fillmore, on the outskirts of Japantown.

The acclaimed team behind two other high-end restaurants, Taj Campton Square at Union Square in SF and Ettan in Palo Alto, have signed an agreement to take over the old vaulted Dosa. And their new unnamed restaurant will open there, they tell the SF Business Timesin “six or seven months”.

Chef Srijith Gopinathan achieved Michelin recognition for the Taj Campton Place restaurant, earning him one star in 2015 and two stars the following year – a rating he maintains to this day. Gopinathan calls his cuisine “Cal-Indian,” and he expanded in February 2020 with the slightly more laid-back Ettan, alongside his business partner Ayesha Thapar. The couple too just opened the little blue door at the new State Street Market in Los Altos, serving among other dishes Ettan’s Kerala Fried Chicken.

Earlier this year, Gopinathan also opened a London-inspired gastropub in Lodi called Oxford Lodi, with the help of his business partner and friend Narender Ramarapu. This restaurant specializes in English pub fare like shepherd’s pie and fish and chips, but also offers the type of multicultural cuisine found in London, such as falafel, chicken tikka masala and kebabs.

The new SF restaurant, according to Gopinathan and Thapar, will be “scaled and grand to the design” of Ettan, but will have a different menu and ambiance.

“It will be a premier, historic-style destination restaurant,” Thapar told the Business Times. “We’re hoping this changes the sentiment a bit in the Lower Fillmore area.”

Of course, in its heyday, Dosa also changed the vibe of Lower Fillmore and had a good run on the corner of Fillmore and Post from 2008 to 2020. The restaurant was known for its excellent Indian food and dosas, as well as cocktails from the large space bar. But the owners of Dosa filed for bankruptcy in 2019, closing the original Valencia Street location before give up the Fillmore location a year later, in the middle of the pandemic.

The former banking space includes a 4,813 square foot ground floor and a 1,846 square foot mezzanine, with a fully integrated kitchen. It once had a dining capacity of 165, but that could change with a redesign.

Ettan’s grand interior. Photo courtesy of the restaurant.

Thapar hints to the Business Times that an outdoor patio may also be in the works for the space. And they’re hoping for a major redesign for the kind of design accolades the three-stage Ettan has received, including winning a 2021 BLT Built Design award.

The design of the Fillmore space is managed, at least in part, by Michael Zucker and Associates, whose name appears on permit applications. Los Angeles-based Thomas Schoos Design was Ettan’s design lead.

Stay tuned for updates on the name and opening later this year.

Photo via Yelp


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