No rooms for Chinese travelers: Indian hotel body issues ban


TOKYO – Indian hotel group has issued blanket ban on Chinese travelers at its nearly 3,000 member accommodation establishments as anti-China sentiment rises following deadly military clash between the two Himalayan countries last month.

“In view of China’s nefarious activities, it has been decided that no Chinese will now be accommodated in hotels and guesthouses in Delhi,” Delhi Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association said. in a press release at the end of June.

The group, which represents budget hotels with around 75,000 rooms in the Indian capital, has also told its members not to use Chinese-made furniture and kitchen equipment.

The border clash also spurred a boycott of Chinese goods in India, signaling that the conflict that resulted in the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers is spilling over to the economy. This comes at a time when the hospitality industry is already reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have suffered for the past three months, and this will add to the blow,” said an employee of a Chinese restaurant in a Delhi hotel.

India has yet to reopen international flights due to the pandemic, but “the Chinese will stop traveling to India if their safety is not guaranteed,” the employee said.

The Confederation of All Indian Traders, representing 70 million traders, has called for a boycott of Chinese products since mid-June. Consumers are urged not to purchase wearable ornaments or other Chinese-made products for upcoming festivals, including the Diwali holiday in November.

The customs clearance of smartphones and Chinese medical products has stalled since June in ports in the south of the country, according to Indian media. The delays lasted up to two to three weeks for procedures that should have been completed quickly, a knowledgeable source said.c

Indian government authorities have blocked purchases from Chinese telecommunications equipment suppliers Huawei Technologies and ZTE. The state of Maharashtra has decided to restructure an investment deal with Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor. TikTok and 58 other Chinese apps are now banned in India.

There are around 700,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in India, with the disease spreading among the poor. The economy is expected to shrink 4.5% this year, estimates the International Monetary Fund, a contraction not seen in about 40 years.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking a hard line against China to maintain political support. But a blacklist of everything China-related risks plunging the economy into a deeper recession.

China’s reaction to the Indian reaction has so far been quiet. State media did not report the losses China suffered in the June 15 border clash. Chinese authorities are reportedly blocking Indian media information from appearing on the mainland.

Because Beijing sees easing economic and diplomatic tensions with the United States as its top priority, officials appear to want to avoid escalating the feud with India.


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