Old Delhi and its chaos

Explaining to the layman what the streets of old Delhi might look like is not easy. To immerse yourself in this urban chaos, the words, however carved they are, are not enough, the photos either. We try to explain, the connoisseurs understood us well, but the others did not. Or they only retain the negative attributes. So to find yourself immersed in the heart of this hubbub, in a traffic jam as can know the streets of old Delhi, nothing better than a virtual tour. 

The first time one ventures out of this maze, one generally makes a little round back. We are curious and we refuse to admit defeat so quickly, so we try to do a little abstraction of everything around us. Because unless you are deaf, blind and devoid of any sense of smell, you are still a little too surrounded. No need to turn around the pot indefinitely, where it’s very noisy , yes it’s rather crado (the rather is too much) and yes, it does not always feel the pink . We can stay there, or even take his legs to his neck, but we can also be a little more stubborn, obstinate say some, and continue his walk.

The first time … we usually do a little round back

But we still hesitate to look too much around. It’s not that we are afraid of being recognized by anyone, but it does not prevent us, we do not dare all the same, we make his shy, and for good reason, it’s intimidating them. alleys of old Delhi. In short, we advance by looking at his feet . This is not a bad idea if you do not want to put your mark in his first cow dung. Regardless of the foot, it does not bring happiness or misfortune, but it allows however to use the services of a shoeshine earlier than expected, unless you are in tong