OYO Free Stay: India’s hotel room aggregator advertises free stay, but it’s the basic rule to take advantage of the offer


OYO Free Stay: Indian hotel room aggregator OYO announced on Friday that after five nights, customers will be entitled to a free stay. This is a campaign to encourage people to travel to post-pandemic India. The free night offer will be available to Gold members of its loyalty program called Wizard, according to the PTI report.

Wizard is designed for frequent travelers to India and will offer up to 10% off OYO’s Wizard hotels across the country, among other benefits. OYO Wizard is one of the largest loyalty programs run by major travel or restaurant companies in India, with over 9.2 million members, and the largest in the budget category segment.

The travel tech company’s loyalty program, designed to help travelers, aims to reward repeat OYO customers, PTI said.

The main subscriber markets for OYO’s loyalty program in India are Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. OYO Wizard is currently available in three levels: Wizard Blue, Wizard Silver and Wizard Gold.

According to PTI, Gold members are entitled to one free stay per year after staying five nights at OYO. Wizard Silver and Blue guests can enjoy a reward stay on their seventh and eighth nights respectively.

Additionally, Gold members are entitled to unlimited “Pay at the Hotel” reservations rather than having to pre-pay for their reservations. OYO has also partnered with more than 13 well-known brands, including Dominos, Lenskart, Rebel Foods and Gaana, to offer Wizard club members discounts and coupons, PTI said.

Speaking at the launch of the revamped loyalty program, OYO Wizard, Shreerang Godbole, SVP – Product & Chief Service Officer – OYO said, “OYO is for value-conscious customers, whether families , friends, small businesses or even employees of large corporations, our incentives such as free nights and discounted stays give them another compelling reason to choose to stay at OYO again and again than our offers of improved loyalty will greatly appeal to this large clientele.”

According to PTI, customers can use OYO’s three-step booking process on the OYO app, as well as browse stores based on their region, to make their booking experience easier and more enjoyable. For today’s developed travelers, OYO’s free cancellation policies also aim to provide the best customer experience.

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