PM Modi has written a golden chapter in the history of Indian culture: Shah after the inauguration of the corridor of the Kashi temple


Union Home Minister Amit Shah said on Monday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had written a “golden chapter” in the history of Indian culture by launching the first phase of the corridor project. Kashi Vishwanath temple.

Thanking Modi on behalf of the country, the minister said devotees will be able to have a better “darshan” of the historic Varanasi temple complex after the redevelopment.

“Kashi, the city of Baba Vishwanath, has been a shining symbol of Sanatan culture for centuries.

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“Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji wrote a golden chapter in the history of Indian culture by launching the great form of Kashi Vishwanath dham while recreating his unique devotion to religion,” Shah said on Twitter.

He added that Modi “has done a unique job of rekindling the pride of religious centers of Sanatan culture, as a bearer of Indian culture and a protector of religion.”

“Today is a day of great joy and pride for every Indian,” he said.

With this inauguration, ”devotees coming from all corners of the world will be able to worship Baba Vishwanath directly after paying homage to mother Ganga and they will also have a proud feeling of divinity and grandeur of Kashi Vishwanath dham”, he said. -he declares.

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