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Dubai – IBPC General Secretary Receives Coveted 10-Year Residency

Posted: Fri Oct 1, 2021, 4:57 PM

Last update: Fri Oct 1, 2021, 8:03 PM

The UAE has granted its ten-year golden residency visa to the head of the Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC) and members of his family in Dubai, Khaleej Times has learned.

Dilip Sinha, the general secretary of IBPC has resided in the United Arab Emirates since March 1990. The vice president of NVent, an electrical connection and protection solutions company, said he hoped to strengthen trade relations between the Emirates. United Arab Emirates and India and support Indian businesses and professional diaspora in the United Arab Emirates.

Sinha has held leadership positions at global multinationals like Honeywell and Rockwell Automation and was named one of the 100 Most Powerful People 2010-2011 in leading trade journals in the United Arab Emirates. Originally from Bihar, Sinha grew up in Mumbai and completed her high school and university education in the city of West India.


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“The UAE was in my destiny”

After earning her MBA from the University of Bradford in the UK, Sinha aspired to move to the US and work for US multinationals.

“I moved to Muscat after college and my plans were to move to the United States one day. However, fate had other plans for me,” he said.

Sinha joined Rockwell Automation in the 90s and moved to Dubai to expand the company’s EMEA operations.

“I have grown enormously in the organization. It was a very enriching experience. Moreover, I was the only Indian in the company at the time,” he said. In September 2001, Sinha moved to Honeywell and held a key leadership role.

“It was also a change in the industry. From commercial infrastructure and building, I moved on to industrial automation and control. The company thought it could do it with a fresh look,” did he declare. A turning point in Sinha’s career came when he made a foray into environmental and business ventures.

“The goal was to reduce Honeywell’s carbon footprint. I stayed with them until 2018,” he said.

Sinha said his meteoric career growth in the UAE encouraged him to stay in the country.

“Very few people appreciate the career growth I have experienced here. From finance and marketing to sales and strategic planning, I have worked in all areas of an organization. It has been a very adventure. exciting, ”Sinha said.

“Dubai is a very resilient city”

In 2008, amid the financial crisis, international publications deregistered Dubai, according to Sinha.

“However, look at where we are now. The city is extremely resilient. It has world-class infrastructure, it is a very safe city, and like any place, it too has gone through a number of ups and downs. leadership is very far sighted and I think this is the best place to live, ”he said.

In another decade, Sinha predicts that the city will experience rapid growth in all sectors, especially technology and manufacturing industries.

“Dubai is going to see rapid technological growth. The government and the leadership are working hard to boost the technology sector. They have given 100,000 coders the opportunity to come and work and stay here,” he said.

Under his leadership, the IBPC continues to organize multiple events to promote India-UAE trade relations. “On average, we organize 50 to 54 events each year. Due to Covid, many events have been webinars. I think Expo 2020 is going to be monumental in improving trade relations between the two countries,” he said. -he declares.

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