Priyanka Chopra Jonas keeps Indian culture and rituals alive in the United States: Mother Madhu Chopra


Global star Priyanka Chopra lives with her husband Nick Jonas in Los Angeles, USA. However, it looks like you can get desi girl out of india but not india from desi girl. In a recent interview with Hauterrfly magazine, Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra reflected on how her daughter keeps Indian culture and rituals alive in her American home.

Priyanka Chopra had broken all age gap stereotypes when she dated and later married Nick Jonas. The power couple have a 10-year age gap. It is therefore not surprising that Madhu Chopra also talks about it.

Priyanka perpetuates Indian culture and rituals:

Whether it’s the opening of her new restaurant, her new home, or welcoming her daughter, Priyanka Chopra throws a puja on every special occasion. Recently, Priyanka and Nick held a puja at their Los Angeles home after their daughter Malti returned from the hospital. The couple welcomed Malti through surrogacy in January, but she had to stay in hospital as she was born prematurely.

Priyanka Chopra tries to educate Westerners about India:

Priyanka Chopra is proud of her Indian roots and rich culture, as Madhu Chopra mentioned in her interview with Hauterrfly magazine.

Madhu Chopra said, “She wants to inform them that you have a lot of misinformation about India. They think we only have maharajas, elephants and snake charmers. We have the best education, the best computer and medical technology. Who will teach this? Our culture, our rituals, everything has so much good behind them. She believes in them and tries to keep it up there”.

Madhu on the age gap between Priyanka and Nick:

Priyanka’s mother said in her interview that the age gap between Priyanka and Nick doesn’t bother her. While calling her son-in-law ‘sweet’, Madhu said, ‘The one who makes Priyanka happy is my man.

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