Prof. Raunki Ram appointed Chairman of the Center of Excellence on Indian Culture and Society at the University of Chandigarh Punjab News Pipa News


Raunaki Ram (PhD), a nationally acclaimed Punjabi scholar and professor of political science, will serve as Chairman of the Center of Excellence on Indian Culture and Society (ICS) at Chandigarh Gharun University. Professor Raunaki Ram will occupy the Sri Aurobindo Chair established at the ICS. It is worth mentioning that the Center of Excellence on Indian Culture and Society has been established as an important forum for teaching and research work on Indian culture and challenges faced at the societal level. The Center will focus on various aspects of India’s rich culture and its significant contribution to shaping Indian society over thousands of years.

It should be noted that Prof. Raunki Ram previously held the office of Shaheed Bhagat Singh Chair established at Panjab University. It served as a guide for young scholars to explore unknown and complex issues in politics or other fields. He is the author of four books covering major topics of Dalit emancipation and empowerment and the current peasant struggle. He published social mobilization and politics in his books. He has published over 150 research articles in national and international journals, including the peer-reviewed international journal Modern Asian Studies (Cambridge), Journal of Asian Studies (Cambridge), Asian Survey (Berkeley), Contribution to Indian Sociology ( WISE). ) etc. the name is included.

Professor Raunaki Ram is currently a visiting professor at the University of Ladakh and a member of the State Higher Education Council Chandigarh. He has been a visiting professor at several major universities. More recently, he has taught at the Faculty of Arts, Business and Social Sciences at the University of Wolverhampton (UK), Leiden University, the Netherlands and Ryukoku University, Kyoto. , in Japan. Was Visiting Professor at the ICCR Chair of Indian Studies.

On this occasion, Professor Chancellor of Chandigarh University congratulated Raunki Ram for assuming the post. Satnam Singh Sandhu said the Center will focus on exploring the rich knowledge systems of Indian culture. Under the Centre, the University of Chandigarh will lead discussions on relevant topics of Indian culture and society through symposia, conferences, workshops and conventions. Work will be done to build a solid knowledge base through teaching and research.

S. Sandhu said that India has the richest cultural heritage and from ancient to modern times it has captured the attention of scholars and institutions of higher education in India and around the world. As one of the best universities in India, it has become imperative for us to focus on exploring the rich knowledge systems of Indian culture. Furthermore, the new education policy calls for research on our cultural heritage. is also focused on connecting our present and future generations with our glorious past. With this vision, the University of Chandigarh has established the Center of Excellence for Indian Culture and Society.

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