Review: Kingsway Lounge Indian Restaurant in Latchford


THE premise of the restaurant is that those behind the Kingsway Lounge pride themselves on high quality customer service and being a modern, contemporary restaurant.

You can see why.

Walking into the new Indian restaurant on Kingsway South in Latchford, which opens today, the decor is very classy and it’s no surprise that it took many months to get to this level.

Head up the stairs and you will find a bar to your left and the restaurant seating area opens up where stylish well spaced seating is with booths to the right.

With welcoming and prompt service on drinks, the only thing left to do was the food.

And boy did it.

Poppadoms and a chutney platter followed to start and it hit the mark.

The starter

Warrington Guardian: Cllr Maureen Creaghan with Kingsway lounge staffCllr Maureen Creaghan with Kingsway Lounge staff

As two people who like a little spice but not too much to take the taste out of food, among the traditional dishes we were recommended the balti chicken and the sizzling chicken karahi dish which were first class.

Accompanying them, a garlic naan – very nice too – fries and rice pilaf were also on the menu.

Also in attendance were Cllr Maureen Creaghan and friends of owner Jay Hussain who seemed to be enjoying the evening.

It must have been no easy task to get the ball rolling on a tasting night, but our food and service certainly met the expectations the restaurant set for itself.

The task now is to maintain the high standards – but this is something the staff are more than capable of doing – so it’s worth trying for yourself.

Warrington Guardian: Guests enjoyed the delicious cuisine in the Kingsway LoungeGuests enjoyed the delicious cuisine in the Kingsway Lounge


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