South Indian’s iconic restaurant Ramashray in Mumbai now has a new outlet with a delicious menu


South India is dotted with picturesque views and lush vegetation. The rich cultural history of the states has also given the world some of the healthiest and most appetizing dishes. Mumbai’s iconic South Indian restaurant, Ramashray, has a new outlet in Matunga, Mumbai. This is Ramashray’s third outlet in Mumbai. They serve some of the most delicious South Indian dishes. Read this article to learn more.

Iconic restaurant of South India: Ramashray

Ram Ashray was founded by Shyambabu Shetty, who immigrated to Mumbai from Mangalore over 70 years ago. In the immediate vicinity of the station, he opened a restaurant which has now quadrupled. The restaurant is gradually growing in size and reputation.

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Ramashray’s signature menu

This famous restaurant serves a variety of delicious options like the pineapple sheera which is a staple at this outlet. They also serve this idli which is flatter than normal idli and only original for this new outlet. Their menu consists of authentic dishes like upma, filter coffee and Dosa roasted ghee at an affordable price.

Head to this new Ramashray outlet in Matunga which serves delicious South Indian food and is less crowded.

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Some of the Famous South Indian Restaurants in Mumbai

Neer Dosa at Ram Ashraya Hotel, Matunga

The Ram Ashraya hotel is one of the oldest in the region. Ram Ashray, which is close to the bustling flower market of Matunga, attracts a steady crowd of visitors from six in the morning. A staple of RamAshray is their famous Neer dosa with chutney.

Madras Cafe, Matunga

Café Madras has been in operation for over 75 years. Their Dosa still tastes the same as before at only ₹39.

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