The new education policy has the soul of Indian culture and tradition: CM Khattar


: Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said on Sunday that the New Education Policy 2020 (NEP) has the soul of Indian culture and tradition and will play a key role in establishing India as a world leader.

“We must rewrite our nation’s history and free it from the biases and distortions of Western historians. Our past was glorious and it must be taught in its true spirit to the younger generation,” he said after launching the implementation of NEP 2020 at Kurukshetra University.

He said many attempts have been made over the past 70 years to craft a new education policy for the country, but it could not be freed from Macauley’s education policy. NEP-2020 has the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the soul of Indian culture and tradition.

Congratulating the university management for taking the initiative to implement the NEP in its true spirit in accordance with the UGC of the 2022-23 academic session, the Chief Minister said, “The NEP lays the foundation of the new India because it is based on a holistic approach. It covers important aspects such as holistic, multidisciplinary and futuristic education, quality research and the use of online technology for better reach in education.

He added that the NEP will certainly pave the way to make India a Vishwaguru again and lead the world towards peace, lasting prosperity and brotherhood.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Som Nath Sachdeva said KU is the first university in the state to implement NEP from 2022 with a defined structure, even though the state government has set a 2025 NEP implementation target.

He said the university’s four-year undergraduate research honors program aims to provide quality education as well as comprehensive student development.


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