This top-tier Indian restaurant serves up one of Manchester’s best lunch deals


When it comes to Indian cuisine in Manchester, we are spoiled for choice.

However, one restaurant stands out for its next-level cuisine, whether you’re looking for something fresh and innovative or prefer to stick to traditional classics.

Zouk is one of the nicest restaurants in town and has the food to match. Just ask the famous clientele – everyone from comedy legend Peter Kay to music megastars Rihanna and Drake have made special trips to eat here over the years.

This modern Pakistani and Indian restaurant is located just off Manchester’s bustling Oxford Road in a pleasantly relaxed side street.

You’ll recognize it instantly, it’s the place with the beautiful and photogenic entrance adorned with countless colorful flowers, with intoxicating aromas coming from the outdoor shisha section.

The interior is equally impressive. It’s well-lit and spacious, with dining areas spread over two floors and an open kitchen so you can watch the expert chefs at work – not to mention soaking up those delicious cooking smells, like a 21st-century Bisto kid. .

The good news is that the venue has just launched a mouthwatering tiffin grill option for the day, giving lunchtime diners a healthy alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste.

This goes hand in hand with the weekly tiffin menu, which offers an exciting range of South Asian dishes that change every day of the week.

Every day in Mumbai, thousands of workers eagerly wait to receive their tiffin lunch. The delivery of these delicious, freshly cooked meals, either from a worker’s home or their favorite restaurant, by the city’s dabbawallas (box carriers) has been around since around 1890.

Zouk’s tiffin grill is designed to provide diners with a lighter lunch and offers vegetarian and meat dishes.

The new tandoori chicken grill is a must. For just £12.95 you can enjoy a hearty meal that will leave you energized and more than ready to tackle an afternoon’s work.

The star of the show is the chicken: half a plump, well-bred chicken, coated in the perfect blend of spices before being grilled in Zouk’s tandoor oven.

As you would expect from this acclaimed restaurant, the meat is soft and succulent but with a deliciously crispy and spicy skin. If you’ve never tried chicken cooked in a tandoor before, you’re in for a treat.

And, of course, it comes with all the necessary trimmings, including fluffy basmati rice, fresh and crunchy sautéed vegetables, a savory curry sauce and, best of all, roast potatoes coated in an intense seasoning that works wonders with chicken.

It’s yet another inspired combination of spices, courtesy of Zouk’s virtuoso kitchen team.

Best of all, it won’t leave you tired and lazy for the rest of the day.

The focus on hearty veggies and protein-rich meat means you walk away with a spring in your step, satisfied with a wholesome meal that doesn’t go overboard with the heavy sauces and extras (though side dishes such as Naan bread is available if you want.

The grilled veg and paneer option is also highly recommended, providing a substantial meal filled with wholesome ingredients.

With this you get pieces of paneer tikka, vegetable tikka, hummus, salad and the all important naan bread.

Zouk’s status as the most avant-garde Indian restaurant in town is certain.

Not only is it a great place for evening meals with family and friends, they now offer one of Manchester’s best lunch deals at an affordable price.

Forget your mom’s Sunday roast, this tandoori chicken takes meat to new heights.


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