This Upscale Indian Restaurant Takes Afternoon Tea to the Next Level


Ziya certainly stands out on Manchester’s legendary Curry Mile.

The team behind this superb Indian restaurant are constantly coming up with exciting new food and drink ideas, like the India Dayand now you can experience Ziya’s unique take on afternoon tea, just in time for spring and summer.

Afternoon tea has become hugely popular across the city in recent years, with all sorts of hotels and restaurants offering their version of the Victorian meal, but you’ll never have tried something like Ziya before.

It’s the classic afternoon tea concept: a tiered stand of savory and sweet treats and drinks, but with a next-level Indian twist.

Gone are the predictable sandwiches and scones, and in their place you’ll find an array of delicious and flavorful delights you won’t find anywhere else.

For example, you can drink something much more exciting than just a pot of tea. Instead, peruse Ziya’s expertly crafted mocktail menu, which showcases a world of bright fruit flavors and eye-opening extras.

With the sun beaming through the venue’s huge bay windows, we begin with two tempting drink choices: the Delhi Berry, a tangy concoction of berries, lychee, apple and cardamom; and the Ziya Colada, a luxurious blend of pineapple juice, coconut syrup and ice cream.

These satisfying drinks are made from scratch, on the spot, using only fresh ingredients. The results easily match all of Manchester’s top cocktail bars.

The same high standards apply to the food, with a freshly prepared feel to each of the dozens of items. Amazingly, this is all available for just £24.99 – easily enough for two hungry people.

Chaat’s selection of items is the perfect starting point, offering a whirlwind of textures and tastes.

Dahi and sev puris (which you should put in your mouth for full effect) are a perfect combination of yoghurt, chutney and chaat, showing exactly how Ziya combines sweet and sour for a heavenly pairing.

The Mumbai bhel is probably the highlight of the whole meal, blending puffed rice and soft, indulgent vegetables with an unforgettable tamarind chutney.

Next, kathi rolls take the traditional sandwich to new heights. A chicken, a paneer, both stuffed with the perfect balance of intoxicating Indian spices.

The masala dosa comes out hot from the kitchen, with a delicate batter full of tempered spiced potatoes.

But be sure to save room for desserts. Beetroot halwa is a classic Indian sweet, made from nutritious beetroot but carefully blended with sweet ingredients to result in something deep, rich and memorable.

And finally, the gulab jamun burgers, which are a cute take on the beloved Indian dessert.

These sticky, aromatic balls are split in half, filled with cream and with a half cherry on each end, in a clever nod to the afternoon tea staple, clotted cream scones.

Ziya has set a whole new benchmark for innovative ideas in the city’s culinary scene.

Not content to show the depth of talent in the kitchen with monthly thalis, they’ve now taken an English classic and given it a revamp that’s both respectful and revolutionary.


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