Watch a cheeky Scottish robber target an Indian restaurant in an early morning raid


A brazen thief was caught breaking into an Indian restaurant by CCTV during an early morning raid.

Cash and other items were taken from the Slumdog Delivered and Takeout restaurant in Dalkeith, Midlothian on Saturday March 19.

The scammer, who was wearing a light colored jacket, failed to cover his face and was immediately captured by video cameras inside the restaurant.

Sharing footage of the man in action on Facebook, the company urged members of the public to contact police if they recognize him.

They wrote: “Dear customers. We are here today to share sad and shocking news. “Unfortunately, Saturday morning around 1.30am, our Dalkeith restaurant was robbed.

The restaurant shared images of the scammer

“We are devastated that someone could violate our property and our trust. Luckily no one was working late that night, so no one was hurt, but we can’t feel safe anymore.

“Please share this post and help us spread the news and hopefully save other local businesses as well.

“We would be more than grateful if anyone could DM us some info or email us at [email protected]

Anyone with information is asked to contact the takeaway
Anyone with information is asked to contact the takeaway

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Police have confirmed they are investigating the break-in, but investigations are still in their early stages.

A force spokesperson said: ‘On Saturday March 19, officers received a report of a theft from premises in High Street, Dalkeith.

“Officers will speak to the reporter to gather more details.”

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