‘We clearly failed’: estate agents apologize for video ridiculing Indian culture


A couple working in real estate today apologized for a video of themselves wearing traditional Indian clothing and making miserable attempts at cultural dance moves in an effort to promote a property to clients belonging to minority groups.

Responding to an online reaction to their now-deleted promotion, cum-YouTubers realtors Jasen and Shiqi said Singapore coconut today that they were trying to reach the “non-Chinese”, mainly Indian and Malay communities, about a property of Jalan Bukit Merah which they can only sell to such buyers according to the ratios ethnic social housing.

“First of all, we would like to make it clear that we have no intention of making fun, offending or disrespecting any race or cultural minority and we sincerely apologize for causing any unpleasant feelings online.” , their statement said. “We have removed said video and are in the process of finding a more appropriate way to advance our tour of the property for our viewers.”

In the video, the couple wear traditional Indian clothes and make faces while making half-hearted attempts at Bollywood-style dance moves to a song in Mandarin. Where to find you my love by Taiwanese icon Teresa Teng.

“Anaivarukkum nalla matiyam, selamat datang ke Bukit Merah (Good afternoon everyone, welcome to Bukit Merah), ”said the PropNex Realty couple in an introduction mixing Tamil and Malay before switching to English. “We are very happy today to show you this rare five-room unit for sale right here in Bukit Merah.”

Part of the offending YouTube video was posted on Twitter, where it began to be criticized for disrespecting Indian culture.

“[M]your parents came across this ad for a house and it’s so racist [I] Can’t – if you could all comment and tell them to take it down, that would be appreciated, ”wrote Twitter user @Skeletonjacket, who was the first to call up the video on Saturday.

His intentions were also a source of consternation.

“[W]before trying to attract [I]ndiens? [Because] it certainly didn’t work, ”the user said in another tweet.

The couple did not explain today why their performance focused on Indian culture rather than that of other minority groups. The Ethnic integration policy capped ethnic groups living in low-cost housing at 87% for those of Chinese origin, 25% for Malaysians and 15% for those of Indian origin.

Twitter user @Icedcoffeespill rang with frustration that minority cultures continue to be a source of humor one year after K. Muthusamy.

“[I’m] expect people to say we overreact because minorities can be the butt of even racist jokes and that’s okay ffs. “

Complaints that some properties are more difficult to sell to minority groups under the ethnic ratio policy lead to many homeowners request exemptions. Some political parties such as the Workers’ Party and the Singapore People’s Party have campaigned for its abolition.

The couple said their musical act was intended to promote a house visit to a property in Jalan Bukit Merah. An article from August 24 shows the couple dressed in costume for video shooting.

They said the only intention of their gaffe was to appeal to non-Chinese, adding that they had the approval and consent of the owner of the property to continue with their marketing plan.

“We spent a lot of time researching costumes, creating a little dance routine to the best of our ability, and practicing Tamil and [Malay] sentences over and over to make sure we don’t mispronounce them, ”the couple said.

“However, we apologize for not having given this thoughtful thought to the subject of cultural appropriation and it is indeed insensitive on our part to allow such an inappropriate event to occur,” they added, although most complaints were about ridicule, not misappropriation.

The couple also said they take the time to reflect on their mistakes.

“We admit that we have done wrong in our approach to this matter and we are committed to constantly looking at things critically and from all possible angles from now on to avoid such events in the future,” they said. declared.

Since launching their YouTube channel last year, the duo have used it to share real estate advice and tours of post houses in places like Punggol Waterway and The Sail at Marina Bay, but none other seemed to match the deaf theater like that of Bukit Merah. .

A behind-the-scenes video titled Behind the Scenes of the 13 Jalan Bukit Merah Home Tour [Vlog Ep.02] is also no longer accessible to the public.

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