West London city fights to save popular Indian restaurant from bulldozer


Residents are fighting to save an Indian restaurant that could be demolished for dozens of apartments.

Developers Fruition Properties hope to build 43 new homes at the Mumbai Junction site in northwest London.

But local activists say it will result in the loss of one of the area’s most beloved restaurants and a historic 1950s building.

They added that the design of the new building would not be in harmony with the surrounding area and, being five stories high, would “flood” neighboring properties.

The Sudbury Court Residents Association urged people to complain about the plans.

He wants to defend the history of the current site, which first housed the John Lyon pub before being transformed into an Indian restaurant.

A CGI of the design offered on the restaurant’s website

The group said, “John Lyon’s name has historical value, John Lyon founded Harrow School 500 years ago, and his legacy still funds local charities such as the Sudbury Neighborhood Center.

“Over the past two decades, the John Lyon has changed and adapted to the local population, it is without a doubt a place where everyone can go, so it contributes to the cohesion of our community and to the understanding of each other.

“Losing this community asset and meeting place within walking distance of over 3,000 homes, a large licensed property, would deal devastating damage to the local community and force residents to drive much further. , thus reducing active travel. in the zone.”

He also criticizes the design of the new proposals, calling it “monolithic” and “dominating its neighbors”.

Over 180 comments opposing the project have been posted on the Brent Council planning portal.

These cover several issues, including the impact it will have on the local environment, traffic and parking and nearby amenities.

Others stressed the need to protect one of the area’s “iconic” buildings and suggested replacing it with apartments would not be the right decision as they would “not blend” into the landscape.

A spokesperson for Fruition Properties said, “The planning application is for a highly durable and well-designed apartment project that will contribute to the Borough’s vital goal for new homes.

“The project is a partnership between the existing landowner and established local property developer Fruition Properties, who worked extensively with Brent Council on the project to meet their planning, design and environmental policies.

“The scale of the proposal has been carefully considered so that it retreats and respects its residential neighbors, while still responding strongly to the center of the prominent John Lyon roundabout – a concept that has been approved by the local authority planning and an independent panel design review.

“The program exceeds Brent Council carbon reduction targets through the use of renewable technologies, high performance materials, additional landscaping and electric charging infrastructure for all of its parking spaces. “


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