Wrexham Ijazz celebrates being crowned Best Indian Restaurant in North Wales


A WREXHAM curry house has been chosen as the best Indian restaurant in North Wales – the latest in a long line of success for the company.

Ijazz, located on Egerton Street, has been based in the area for five years now and opened in October 2016.

Since then, the company has won the Asian Curry Award for Best Indian Restaurant in Wales in 2018 and 2019.

Now he can add ‘Indian Restaurant of the Year’ for North Wales to his list of honors, having won the award at the National Curry Awards held in the House of Lords on September 15th.

The awards ceremony was attended by politicians such as MP Sir Alan Campbell, MP Mary Robinson and MP Sarah Atherton and her team, as well as people from the company, as well as restaurateurs and their staff from all the countries.

The Asian restaurant industry is valued at around £ 5 billion. Despite this, over time the industry has experienced a sharp decline, largely attributed to the shortage of skilled workers and a lack of investment in training. In line with this, NCA aims to further encourage new generations to get excited and involved in this industry.

The National Curry Awards were launched to promote businesses in the Asian restaurant industry as well as showcase its creative and talented chefs. NCA winners represent the best that can be achieved through a dedication to creating delicious cuisine and providing first-class customer service.

Nominations for the NCA come from across the UK as we celebrate both those at the forefront of the Asian restaurant industry and those working behind the scenes.

The event organizer, Mohammed Chowdhury, gives special thanks to the sponsors of this year’s event: one of the leading suppliers to the UK catering industry, Eurofoods Group and the payment company by highly rated PayTap card.

Commenting on winning their award, Wrexham’s Ijazz said: “Wow we’ve done it again! Absolutely thrilled to win the 2021 National Curry Awards for Best Indian Restaurant in North Wales.

“We would like to thank all of our clients for their support and a special thank you to our local MP for coming to join us in the House of Lords. This award is dedicated to our clients for their support of Ijazz

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