Big Ten Football Predictions

The 2016 college football season is coming up very soon as the season opener is one week away from starting. In college football, one of the most significant conferences is the Big Ten. This conference usually has a number of top contenting teams in the nation and is also one of the more competitive as well. There are a number of very good teams in this conference that will not only compete for conference supremacy but also for a national championship. Teams such as Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin are among the best teams in the conference and the entire nation. Therefore, the Big Ten conference looks to be very interesting to watch this season.

In the Big Ten, Ohio State is usually among the very best in the conference each year and will likely be a force to be reckoned with in 2016. They are the preseason favorites and are highly ranked according to experts. During the 2016 season, the Ohio State Buckeyes are likely to be the best team and should make a run at the Big Ten title. Another team that is among the very best in the conference is Michigan State Spartans. The Spartans are coming off a very good season and will likely challenge Ohio State for conference supremacy during the season. As well as Ohio State and Michigan State, the Michigan Wolverines are another team that should be a serious contender in 2016 as they are led by one of the best coaches in the entire sport.

There are a few other teams that should be quite competitive as well. These teams include the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Wisconsin Badgers. Penn State will likely be a factor in the conference and look to win 8 or 9 games during the season. Nebraska will be another good solid team that will also likely win at least 8 games this season. Lastly there is Wisconsin who is coming off an impressive 10-3 season from one year ago. They will likely compete for conference supremacy but with a tough schedule it may be difficult to repeat last season’s success. However the Badgers will also be in good position to win 8 to 10 games this season, compete for a conference title and make a bowl game appearance.

The Big Ten conference will have some teams that are in the middle of the pack. These teams include Illinois, Indiana, Maryland and Northwestern. Despite being teams that will likely win anywhere from 5 to 7 games this season, they will likely be spoilers for some of the higher ranked teams the conference. Along with the teams in the middle of the pack, the Big Ten will feature some mediocre teams this season as well. In the Big Ten, teams such as Rutgers, Iowa, Minnesota and Purdue will be among the worst in the conference and will likely win 4-6 games all season.

During the season teams such as Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State will likely be among the very top teams in the entire nation. They will also compete for the conference title as well as a national title. These teams are among the best in college football and will continue to establish themselves as elite programs. Other teams such as Penn State, Nebraska and Wisconsin will be among the top ranked teams in the nation and will also compete for the conference title. However, these teams will likely just qualify for a bowl game appearance.

In 2016, there will be six elite teams in the Big Ten conference that will be highly competitive. These teams are Ohio State, Michigan State, Michigan, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Penn State. During the season they will win the most games and make a run at a championship. However, the Big Ten championship will likely feature Ohio State and Michigan State squaring off. In the end, Ohio State will emerge victorious and claim yet another conference title. Ohio State will likely be among the top 5 teams in the country and will have a good shot at winning a national championship. In all, the Big Ten conference looks to be very competitive and will likely feature at least four of the top 25 teams in the country.

Best Players in Indiana Basketball History

There are many well-known basketballers from Indiana. The region has been able to produce some of the best players of all time. Many talented people in the locality are still being realized and because of that Indiana have enjoyed continued success in this game. Personally, I have been watching this game since I was a kid, and I have realized that a lot has changed over the period of time I have been a fan of this game. More skilled and famous players are coming up every day. This has led to high competition among the players.  Some of the most talented players from Indiana include the following:

D.J. White

Despite facing a lot of challenges in this life he has been able to succeed in his career. He faced significant injuries during his career where he had to spot playing for a particular time. He was also coached by many people since his coaches kept on changing after a short period of time. Despite all that he was named among the Big Ten Players of the Year and later become a candidate for Wooden Award and also Naismith Award.

Apart from that, he was also able to achieve 56.2% career field goal. The score was good enough to rank him the second of all times in Hoosier history. Many players have not been able to achieve what he was able to achieve in his entire career.

Don Schlundt

He is one of the legends being celebrated by many people up to date. Many players look up to him to date. Don was the first three-time All-America from Indiana. He won the title for three years continues, in the same period he also worn Big-Ten scoring titles three times. This made him outshine his peers since no one from Indiana had ever done so in the history of basketball.

At one point in his career, he held more than eight separates records for his team. All this success was facilitated by the fact that he trained very well, and he also had a good coach who guided him on how best he could play during tournaments. Later in his career, he broke a record which lasted for more than 32 years. It was later broken by Steve Alford at the top of his career. Unlike many other players in basketball never has ever held a record for an extended period of time like Don.

Apart from all that he also led his team Hoosiers to the national championship a number of times.

Steve Alford

He is one of the players who have helped the Hoosier team win a number of tournaments. He was well known for his good three pointers skills. With his skills, he helped his team to win their fifth national title against their opponents. The game ended on a very high note where they won with 23 points.

In the year 1986 and 1987, he was named among the Big Ten Players of the Year. This was a major achievement in his career since it was the first award. Apart from that, he was also named as All-American in both years.

Scott May

Scott is one of the successful players the country has ever encountered before in this gane. In his career, he supported the USA team to win a gold medal against other opponents. This happened in his senior year. Later in his career, he was named an All-American in the year 1975. Keeping in mind he had a high competition during that here from some of the best players, it was a significant achievement for him. In the year 1976, he also won the NCAA player and for the second time All-American.

Isiah Thomas

During his final year, he was named as an All-American. He helped his team to win back to back Big Ten championship which was not common those days. In his final year, he was able to record a total of 197 in a single season. Later in 1981 he was honored as an outstanding player after he scored 23 points in a single game. Many fans think he is arguably the best basketball player ever to wear the cream and crimson.

Best Quarterbacks in Indiana Football History

Indiana is a state that is known for producing some of the best players to ever suit up for a football team. The state is popular for producing many great quarterbacks in the NFL who are still known as some of the best of all-time. Statistics from show 33 Indiana-born quarterbacks have played in the National Football League. This is proof that this state has many players with great talent. Many Americans agree that Indiana and athletics are part and parcel. Here are some players from Indiana who led their teams to many victories.

Evansville’s Bob Griese

Indiana has produced many players in the NFL for many years. The contribution cannot be ignored because the icons are celebrated up to date. Evansville’s Bob Griese is heroic who led Miami Dolphins to three straight Super Bowl appearances. His amazing skills and energy helped the team to secure two wins in the vii and viii super bowl. He won the MVP during these two seasons when his team enjoyed successful seasons. Coaches and young players in this state look up to him in building their football careers.

Red Faught

Red faught is another great player who was born in Indiana. The started his football career at Franklin College back in 1957. He is a coach who developed many young players to become the best in the league. His unique throwing skills earned a good reputation, and several clubs showed their interest in his ability to transform a team’s performance. His technique of run-and-shoot worked pretty well and won most of his players a position on the national side between 1957 and 1988.

Peyton Manning

Peyton is loved by many football fans for his influence on the game. He played for 18 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts where he developed to be an all-time star. Peyton played a quarterback role in the team helping transform b a struggling Colts to a playoff contender in eight straight seasons. He led his team to two AFC championships and one Super Bowl win. After being released by his team in 2011, he is a player who cannot be forgotten by the fans for his impact on the game. Many coaches have praised his ability and attitude which contributed to his successful career. Young players look up to him as they join different league teams and hope one day they will be celebrated like Peyton Manning. He concluded his football career with another Super Bowl 50 wins with Denver Broncos.